Saturday, April 30, 2011

Night Zero (yet another webcomic)

Well, to top off April as Zombie Apocalypse Webcomic review month we have an interesting addition. Night Zero. Night Zero is a photo webcomic done by a group of people in Seattle. It's not as much of a continuous story as it is a series of related stories and vignettes that take place in the same post-apocalyptic Seattle. Part of the inner city has been walled off and survivors are safe there, but the New City is ruled by the mob. There are smaller oases called "speakeasies" outside of the new city, but they aren't necessarily much better. But then again, this is the zombie apocalypse, what were you expecting?

It's hard not to like Night Zero. It looks like it's got high production values, the picture quality is superb and the stories, while they do vary somewhat in quality, are generally pretty good. Heck, some of the vignettes are downright poignant. The pictures are sometimes a little silly, and don't always portray action very well, but what can you do? A real drawn comic has all sorts of cheats to make the brain think that the action looks natural when it really doesn't. Pictures seem to lack such work-arounds, so I give that a pass.
I'll be honest, I've probably read less than half of the stories. I keep forgetting to bookmark the page so I keep forgetting to check up. Every so often I go back in to read a chapter or vignette, but I never seem to catch up. This is a shame, because every time I read a story, I find myself wanting more. (I usually just don't have time for it.)

Bottom Line: Well-told stories + beautiful photography + the zombie apocalypse = winning formula.

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