Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Valued Customers

So, apparently when I said "tomorrow" I meant "next week." Sorry about that. Well, it looks like we're going to have to have quite a few updates in short succession. Let's get started.

First off we have Our Valued Customers. It's an interesting comic blog. I hesitate to use the term webcomic because it's far less of a comic strip than it is a "overheard in the comic shop" blog in comic format. The Blog's creator/artist, one "Mr. Tim," apparently works in a comic shop and overhears quite a bit of rather... unusual comments from the various customers who patronize the store. The blog is not for the faint of heart because it just might make you lose your faith in humanity while it makes you laugh your butt off.
Every day there is a new comic, which is always one panel, and most every day I die a little inside. The sheer ignorance, stupidity, inanity, and other various adjectives meaning that the people who go into this comic store are complete morons often makes me question why I keep coming back. Then I stop laughing at how funny what they said was and then I remember: oh yeah, this is funny. Maybe I'm being a tad too harsh on the people, but Mr. Tim claims that everything in the comic was actually said by the customers. I can definitely believe that most of the comics are real quotes, but every so often a comic will appear that is so completely out there that I simply cannot fathom that such a person really exists. But hey, truth is often stranger than fiction.

Bottom Line: Our Valued Customers is a blog that must be read to be believed. Go and check it out.

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