Thursday, August 4, 2011

Dark and Stormy Night

I can't believe that I haven't reviewed any Larry Blamire movies yet. Shame on me.
So Dark and Stormy Night is a classic "Old Dark House" murder mystery movie made in 2009. Old Sinas Cavendar has died, and those closest to him have gathered on the old Cavendar estate for the reading of his will. He was an incredibly rich old man from a very wealthy old-money family. There are two people who are most likely to inherit the bulk of his estate: his nephew, Burling Famish Jr. and his ward, Sebasha Fanmoore. However, Burling's wife and her lover are scheming to get their hands on what they can as well, but the servants are hiding a dark secret related to it all. Into this volatile mix are thrust two intrepid reporters trying to out-scoop each other, as well as a few other poor souls stuck at the mansion. They all claim to be there by chance, but are any of them telling the truth?

It's hard for me to describe how much I love this movie. It's got a great mix of a bunch of different things I like. You've got an Old Dark House-style murder mystery, you've got comedy, you've got a great cast of characters, you've got amazing performances by all the actors... and at the helm of all of this, you have Larry Blamire, filmmaker extraordinaire. Blamire is the genius behind The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, The Lost Skeleton Returns Again, Tales from the Pub, and more. You've maybe noticed how I go on about Wadjet Eye Games? You know, the small developer that practically no one has ever heard of but they make amazing games everyone should play? Larry Blamire is that for movies. Like his other movies, Dark and Stormy Night is simply incredible. There's this whole affectionate parody vibe throughout the whole movie that in most movies often means that they'll be shoving tropes and cliches in your face so fast and so hard you'll need to prepare yourself and take the movie in the spirit it was intended. This isn't necessarily bad, but it can get old. However DaSN manages to keep the vibe while playing most of the tropes strait. This lets the movie be itself. It's still an affectionate parody, but it isn't beholden to any specific stereotype and it holds up well on its own merits.
The movie also has a lot of Blamire's trademark absurdity, witty banter, colorful characters, and extreme quoteyness. Seriously, you will be quoting parts of this movie for a long time to come. One of my favorites is "I'm a man of action... Jungle action... But my jungle is the jungle. Not the house-jungle."

Bottom Line: I've heard that someone wants to remake the classic movie Clue. I say not only is that unnecessary in the fact that Clue is such an awesome movie it needs no remake, Larry Blamire has already done close to the same thing. Dark and Stormy Night is an Old Dark House murder mystery comedy that is extremely quotable. If there is any justice in pop culture then this movie will shortly become just as legendary as Clue.

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