Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Smurfs promotional cereal.

So, even if you've been hiding under a rock, you've probably heard about the new Smurfs movie, what with all of the new promotion merchandise out there. Some of it is expected, like toys and whatnot; some of it is cool, like reprintings of the original comics; and some of it is... well, it's not uncommon merchandise for a kids movie, but I always scratch my head at it, like promotional cereal.

I mean, I understand the reasoning: Kids like to eat cereal for breakfast. Kids like movies for kids. So cereal that's loosely based on a kid's movie will sell well, right? They must, otherwise it wouldn't happen so often. So, enter the new Smurfs movie (which, keep in mind, I am not reviewing since I haven't seen it) and lo and behold, there's some Smurfs cereal. Personally, I wasn't all that interested in it, but the local grocery store we do most of our food shopping at had a ton of it for a huge discount. Just 99 cents a box. (I guess it wasn't selling all that well.) Well, I did some mental math and figured 99 cents was actually pretty cheap, even for the smaller-than-average box of cereal. i figured why the hey not and bought a box.
I gotta say... not that impressed. It's basically Fruity Pebbles with fewer colors and less taste. That's about all there is to the cereal. Sad, but true. The box is kinda interesting, with one side having artwork that looks cool and nostalgic. It looks like it could have been drawn by Peyo himself, practically. The other side has uncanny-valley CG freaks from the movie that probably a lot of kids like, but creep me the heck out. So, either way you get to look at something you like... if you're the kind who keeps the cereal box in front of them at the breakfast table. (Which I used to be.)

Bottom Line: If your kids like Fruity Pebbles and the Smurfs, go ahead and try the cereal out. If you're a super-serious Smurfs memorabilia collector, then buy a box for your collection. Otherwise, don't bother.

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