Sunday, January 29, 2012

Watchdog Self Storage

So, I guess this review will be locating myself a bit, but I've been wanting to write this review for a bit now.
I've only had to use a paid storage closet a couple of times, though I have helped plenty of other people move in/out of one. But by far the best I've used, or even seen, was Watchdog Self Storage in Springville, UT. (The picture is taken from their website.)

Granted, like I said, my experience is far from all-encompassing, but I had a VERY positive experience at Watchdog. We used the climate controlled units, which were more expensive, but since we were putting our computers and other technology in there during Utah's summer, we figured the extra price was worth keeping our electronics in working order. The units were clean, cool, well maintained, and the hallways had plenty of lighting. Probably the best part was the management, though. The guy in charge there was really nice and he always remembered who I was. I only stopped by once every few months, if that, and yet he never forgot my face, name, or even unit number. Now that's service. Actually, now that I think of it, I think he did misremember my unit number once, but he got the number right next to mine, so he was pretty close. Besides, how hard would it be to put however many hundreds of people with their respective unit numbers? I mean, I'm usually pretty good with faces, but not THAT good. So I was always impressed by the service there. It was a far cry from the other storage unit I rented. I won't name the place, but there were several different managers, so the few times I went in, no one knew who I was, and the place was just filthy. Granted, it was an outside unit, but the door was difficult to open and close, and it was all just dirty. It made me wish I'd had the time to put plastic over everything in there. Actually, it made me wish that I was still using Watchdog storage at the time, unfortunately it was not to be.

Bottom Line: If you live anywhere near Springville, Utah and you need a storage closet, go to Watchdog. Seriously, they have a good service and the manager (assuming he hasn't changed in the past couple years) is one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.

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